No Listings in Microsoft Outlook Address Book – Problem Solved

I don’t know why this happens, but from time to time, when I open Microsoft Outlook and try to type a message, I click on the “To” or “Cc” button within the compose message form, and my address book either gives me an error, or comes up entirely empty. Well, I think I’ve found a simple solution for all of you who have this same problem.

I use my Outlook Contacts as my address book, so if you use a Microsoft Exchange Server or anything like that, this may not work for you. Okay, so here’s the trick:

  1. Click on your contacts tab from within Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Click File > Folder > Properties for “Contacts”.
  3. On the General tab, check the box toward the bottom that reads: “Automatically generate Microsoft Exchange views”.
  4. Click OK.

Happy mailing!