Pre-Order Halo Reach for Delivery on Launch Day

Do you want your copy of Halo Reach to arrive at your house on the day it comes out without having to wait in any long lines? You won’t even have to camp out at the store to get your copy. This is one of the best deals that you’ll find for this game. If you pre-order Halo Reach from, you’ll also receive a $20 credit that can be use toward any purchase in the video games category at This would be perfect to buy Microsoft points with. That way when the new Halo Reach maps come out, you’ll be all set with points and you can pick them up immediately!

I can’t guarantee this, but this is how I ordered my iPhone and I actually received it before launch day. I wonder if ordering Halo Reach early from Amazon could allow you to receive your copy a day or two early? Try it and let me know!

iPhone PreOrders Shipping Early – Get it the 23rd

As everyone knows, the official release date of the highly anticipated iPhone 4 is Thursday, June 24th. However there are many reports that users who pre-ordered the iPhone are seeing early shipping notifications with a delivery date 1 day early, and in some cases, 2 days early. I just got a shipment notification detailing my delivery date of June 23rd by 3pm. Has anyone else got an early shipment notification? Or a cancellation? I heard that some pre-orders have been canceled.