Cause of Decreasing AdSense CTR – Click Through Rate Falling Drastically – What Causes This?

2010 had been great in terms of AdSense revenue through the month of January, but once February rolled around, I noticed a huge drop in my CTR. In January 2009, my AdSense CTR for all of the sites I manage and work with was nearly double digits. I understand that this isn’t typical, but it had been like that for well over a year. Toward the end of 2o09. Over the past year, my CTR had fallen to about half of what it was, then in the past month, it’s fallen to about half of that. What gives? The site is the same, I still get the same amount off traffic, if not more, but my CTR is turning into garbage!

Update – CTR Problem Solved

I found out that my site was hacked. After about 10-15 seconds, my site would redirect based on some javascript code that was injected into it. Read more about how my WordPress was hacked, read here.