Social Network Time Wasters

I recently came across a new(er) website that simply lists out great ways to waste your time on social networks. I know I’ve seen things like this in the past, not necessarily websites dedicated to it, but just the little things that go around the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. This new(er) site is called Fun With Social Networks and they create posts about fun/quirky/lame things that people can/will/have done on the major social networks. In reading through the site last night, I was intrigued by one of their ideas in particular, that is their post: My ABC Favorite Web Addresses The reason this caught my eye is that I couldn’t help but wonder… do people really have a favorite website for each letter? I couldn’t think of a Z website. And what do people do when they get to F…,, Too hard to pick just one for some letters! Anyways, check out the site, leave comment, or post something to your social network and give this guy some cred. He’s doing a nice job of organizing some of the fun social network stuff that is being done out there.

Marketing with Twitter – Does it Work?

Recently, a few of my clients have been using twitter to market their products and services. There’s been a bit of a learning curve for all those involved, but after awhile we seemed to start getting some decent response. Lot’s of followers are coming along, but not as much interaction as I would have hoped for though. I’d say about 0.5% of all of our followers actually engage in meaningful dialogue and “retweets”. Where we’ve gotten most of our response is by holding free giveaways. However, it seems that all the followers and retweets that we gain from these giveaways are just looking to get a free product, they don’t care what the product is, they just want to get something for free.

Any experience with twitter? And is it all just spam/junk traffic?