Get iPhone 3.0 OS Beta Today! Download the iPhone 3.0 Software

Many of us are anxiously awaiting the release of the iPhone 3.0 Software, but if you just can’t wait to get your hands on the iPhone 3.0 OS, you can download it today to begin testing and playing with it if you’d like. All you have to do is register to join the iPhone developer program. So what’s the catch? No catch really, other than the fee to join the program – $99 for the Standard Program.

Joining the Standard Program allows you to develop applications that can be sold in the AppStore. You could probably make that $99 back quickly and easily if you built an application that people liked.

So if you don’t think you can wait until summer for Copy & Paste functionality, Push functionality, the new Spotlight Search functionality, join the Apple iPhone Developer Program today so that you can download and start testing the iPhone OS 3.0 Software.

iPhone 2.0 Update – Bugs Abound – Slow, Freeze, Crash

So as excited as we all were for the 2.0 update with the release of the apps store, the iPhone 2.0 update leaves a lot to be desired. Since installing the 2.0 update, my phone constantly lags and freezes. My contacts screen now takes about 15-30 seconds before it becomes functional. My list of text messages has become so slow to load that its almost better to just turn my computer on and send an email, and the PUSH email either doesn’t work with Gmail, or is just a sham. Not once has an email been “PUSHED” to my phone yet.

When will the 2.1 update or 2.0.1 update be released to fix all of the new bugs and glitches?

Are people having this same problem on the iPhone 3G version? I still have the first generation iPhone, so maybe I just need to upgrade.