Simplified WordPress Theme – Simplified Theme Fix

Awhile back, I downloaded and installed the Simplified WordPress theme from, basically because of the fact that it was exactly what it stated that it was… SIMPLIFIED. The only problem with it was that there was an open <div> tag left somewhere so that would cause the right sidebar to sometimes fall below the comment form, and on the posts where there were no comments, the entire background of the site would bot show up. After reading a couple of the suggested fixes on, I realized that though they fixed the problem on the page that was erroring out, they’d then cause another problem. That’s why I’ve just gone ahead and released this new solution.

I’ve zipped up the comments.php file and it can be downloaded below. It fixes all of the post display problems with the Simplified WordPress Theme. I hope this helps those of you who use the theme! Good luck!

WordPress 2.5 Themes – Themes That Are Compatible With WordPress 2.5

With the release of WordPress 2.5 and the further integration of tags and tags support, as well as the great integration of media and the media gallery, I’m finding myself wanting to upgrade to a theme that supports all of the new features that are offered in the WordPress administration.

Has anyone found any themes that are designed and built specifically for WordPress 2.5? If you’ve found some themes, or if you make your own themes, send me a link and I’ll post them here.