Run Homesite on Windows 7

I’ve recently installed Windows 7 on my office computer and I’ve just realized that Homesite doesn’t run. I get an application error when Trying to open Homesite on Windows 7. The specific error is:

Application Error
Exception EOIeError in module homesite45.exe at 000803AC.
Error creating system registry entry.

Has anyone found a workaround to allow Homesite to run on Windows 7 without having to enter Windows XP mode? I’ve downloaded the XP mode that allows me to open Windows XP as a virtual terminal within Windows 7, but I’d prefer to run Homesite natively when opening it, rather than having to open a Windows XP terminal then having to open Homesite within that window.

If you’ve have any success, please comment below as Homesite has been a favorite for a long time.

Windows 7 Not Recognizing External Hard Drive (Western Digital MyBook)

I recently installed the Windows 7 beta on my home computer and love everything about it. The operating system as a whole is great, and I have no complaints… especially when compared to Windows Vista. Anyways, I recently tried to backup my photo folder on my computer to my external hard drive, and I realized that it was not listed in my list of available drives. So I went to my device manager and it wasn’t found there either. I then tried disconnecting and reconnecting it with no luck. When I open up the USB tree in the device manager, I find an “Unsupported USB Device”, which I am assuming is my external hard drive.

Just to make sure that my drive still works, I brought it to work and plugged it into my computer, and it works perfectly. So there is something with Windows 7 that is causing my external hard drive to not be recognized. Any suggestions?

I’m using:

  • Windows 7
  • Western Digital 500GB MyBook External Hard Drive